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Prayer is Our Foundation

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much James 5:16

Our ministry is founded on, committed to and sustained by the power of prayer. We gather every day and pray to God. We have seen many miracles, signs and wonders through prayer. Through prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit we get our guidance, wisdom and make our request know before the Lord. We pray that God will raise up prayer worriers all over the world to help us to watch and pray!

We pray for

  • Souls to be saved by the precious Blood of Jesus!
  • Our Nation India to be set free and washed by the Blood of the Lamb.
  • That the gospel would go forth and reach each and every corner of the world.
  • Labors in the field to reach the lost and Dying!
  • Ministries and labors around the Globe
  • The sick for Healing!
  • Our needs physical, spiritual and financial
  • We have many testimony of lifes change through prayer. If you would like to become a prayer partner, Please fill up the form and subscribe to our free monthly news letter.(Click)

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    We are here to pray for you. Please allow us the privilege of joining our faith with yours in prayer. We believe and know Our God answers prayer and we will keep your information in strict confidence.

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  • A sister had a Cancer her name is Rajeswari. So he went to the hospital and doctor said he got to admit for the treatment and she got admitted too. When was admitted in the Hospital for treatment and for the Surgery but God spoke to her that God will heal her with any surgery. Again God spoke to her through Sis. Daisy that God healed her from Cancer. Next day she went to the hospital to check. When Doctor got the report they were amazed and the said there is no Cancer in your body. She cried and thank God and we also joined with her and praised God for is healing poor. Our God is still in the healing business. He is the miracle working God. Keep look up to him he will do mighty miracles in your body, family, relationship, business etc. He is not an only God for India he is a God of everywhere. He shed his blood for everyone. He is so faithful.
  • During our church worship, there was man crossed our church. He was on the way to commit suicide because of debts and family issues but we he crossed the church the HOLY SPIRIT draw him inside the church. On that day he gave his heart to Jesus and God delivered him from the spirit of suicide. Glory to God forever.
  • One sister has been praying for 21 some years to get a passport and visa so she can be with her husband in London. She had lost all her personal paper work birth cirtifiactes, everything and her situation looked impossible but we encouraged her to pray and belive God and Pastor Samuel went with her about a year ago to the imigration office and they (only by a miracle) started her passport paper work, the person incharge said "you must have prayed because noramally I never do this for anyone" and she was able to testify to him about Jesus. This month she received her passport and visa! We give God all the glory!
  • One mother testified about her daughter having continual headaches they went to doctor and her Doctor said he thinks she has a brain tumor they prayed and went to take an X-ray and it showed no tumor and her headaches went away!
  • A Sister from Villainur village was so depressed and suicide thoughts always disturb her but when she came to our ISRAEL alum release meeting and she bought the CD went home and played a cd, the Holy Spirit ministry to her through the songs, God delivered from the depress and suicide thoughts Glory be to God.
  • Brother Amulraj from Davidpet said God protected and saved him from the very dangerous accident. Glory be to God. He watches over his people.
  • Sister Mala from Davidpet had a severe head pain for months many told her that it might be a tumor or blood clot but she believed and prayed to God for a miracle. God told her that will cure with medicine don't need operation.